Outsourcing Logistics: Saving Time and Money with Caleb Webster

Outsourcing Logistics: Saving Time and Money with Caleb Webster


Caleb Webster, founder of Webster Fulfillment, discusses the role of a 3PL and the benefits of outsourcing logistics and shipping. He highlights the challenges and solutions in apparel fulfillment, the expansion into other verticals, and the importance of customer service and customization. Caleb emphasizes the value of a 3PL in saving time and allowing merchants to focus on core competencies. He also touches on labor challenges, shipping to Hawaii, and the importance of having conversations with 3PL providers.

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  • Outsourcing logistics and shipping to a 3PL can free up time for merchants to focus on core competencies and business growth.
  • Apparel fulfillment can be challenging due to high SKU counts, but automation can help overcome these challenges.
  • Webster Fulfillment offers customer service and customization, ensuring that each brand's products are handled individually and with care.
  • Having conversations with 3PL providers can help merchants explore their options and find the right fit for their business.
  • Labor challenges and shipping to Hawaii can be managed through strategic partnerships and logistics solutions.

Sound Bites

  • "Not all math jokes are terrible. Only some."
  • "Outsourcing fulfillment allows brands to focus on their core competencies."
  • "Webster Fulfillment offers individualized fulfillment services for each brand."

Introduction to Caleb Webster and Webster Fulfillment
Challenges and Solutions in Apparel Fulfillment
Labor Challenges and the Impact on Warehouse Operations
Outsourcing Logistics: Saving Time and Money
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